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About Scanalytic

With the Scanalytic plug-and-play solution you can easily start tracking assets and managing more accurate data. Assets such as crates, roll cages, art objects, desks or other materials are made identifiers in the track-and-trace process.

Tracking the location of assets, keeping a digital registration system with in- and outbound, doing digital inventories, following logistic routes, logging temperature and shocks during transport are examples of KPI’s which can be implemented in your logistic flow. By analyzing the generated data, bottlenecks in the logistic process can be discovered and optimized, being able to provide improved service.

Packaging logistics

Project management without discussions

Scanalytic simplifies your management of materials per relocation project. It shows you exactly which and how many materials have been released to these projects. Scanalytic offers you a complete and quick insight in your stock and location and warehouse counts can be made in an instant.

Thanks to these benefits Scanalytic prevents you from getting annoying complaints about incorrect administration and missing materials. As your invoicing is demonstrably correct you will be experienced as a reliable and professional relocation partner by your customers.

Scanalytic - packaging logistics
Scanalytic - Office inventory

Office inventory

Scanalytics easily manages your inventories

Scanalytic helps you to quickly manage your inventory and stock. With the handscanner you make office inventories in no time. It tracks and traces all your supplies and equipment. By customizing the corresponding Scanalytic application on your computer you can create the registration that fits you most. Use filters to quickly see what equipment is unassigned and get insights on your operational costs.

Art management

Your valuable artwork in good hands

Artworks are unique and expensive. You handle them with care. But you also want to exhibit them and ensure that as many interested people as possible can enjoy their beauty. How do you ensure that they do not get lost? Scanalytic to the rescue.

Scanalytic provides your artworks with an identifiable chip that makes it possible to automate location management. This chip is positioned so that it does not stand out. When people look at the artworks in question, they don’t see or notice anything. In addition, it is particularly nice that you can scan your artworks on location during an inventory without a single touch.

Scanalytic - Art Management
Scanalytic - Medical logistics

Medical logistics

Product protection and hygiene in your own hands

Distribution of medical products places ever increasing demands on the quality of packaging materials. Product protection, hygiene and process control are main issues.

In combination with the sustainable packaging material from Roldo Rent, Scanalytic offers you an excellent solution for managing your medical packaging pool in the field of hygiene. Packaging materials are collected and cleaned periodically according to the required plan. Cleaned materials can be re-used immediately, even within sterile areas.

Take control of your assets

Logistics insights
Traceable equipment
Loss reduction
Unique asset IDs

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